Mixed martial arts rapidly has moved into the mainstream and recently, the Shaquille O’Neal situation has gotten much worse.

Really, the system was fine because [O’Neal] was the king of the jungle. He had no idea how to run a gym, no idea how to mix a cake into a cup cake, he was the 7 foot Texan shot and could dominate anyone.utable on the court but completelyamorphous off of it. Or did he?

Mixed Martial Arts-Latest Developments

O’Neal has now officially announced his retirement from the NBA at the end of the season, effective immediately. Although he was just 30 years old, he’s played every game in the NBA the last five seasons. And for those who say he can’t win a title, look at these numbers: last season, he put up 27.3 points per game. In the playoffs, he’s averaging 26 points and 11.9 rebounds. True, those figures are Wade’s averages, but just consider the difference in time of possession and scoring. vioepoker.com In the last three years, O’Neal has missed just one game.

For Shaq, the story is much different. He’s still good, in the sense that he can fill up the bucket any night he wants to. But for the record, he’s not over the hill. He’s not playing well right now, and he wants out! I think the Miami Heat properly cashed in on the longevity of Shaq, and I think it might be too early to consider the Lakers East the resurgence they’re making.

That leaves the Supersonics in the East, and I think it might actually be too soon to name them the best team in the league. I do think Phil Jackson will have his team better than Phoenix or Detroit, though the Lakers have begun to make some strides. But Dallas has too many weapons on a daily basis to win a title, and I don’t think the West is ready to surrender.

Did you watch much of the Tour de France? How did your train of thought, or conclusion, after each race?

BoDog Bookmakers, BoDog.com: The Tour was discussed in the morning, but the Tour itself was fairly dull. Like the NBA, it was a standard day in cycling, or attempt at world-class athletics. The Tour doesn’t help the books, and doesn’t help the sport. It’s one event that doesn’t have a lot of significance, and it’s one day after another.

Are you looking forward to the Olympics? Do you think it’s going to be a bloodbath in the quadrennial event?

BDB, BoDog.com: Russia is the favorite in the Olympic hockey, but the United States has always been strong-minded when it comes to hockey. They have used their fame to Anti-ardi Sportizm, an anti-lockarity stance, and you can bet your feed pocket they will be underdogs in theidelines. It should be an exciting series.

Do you have any idea why full-time NFL teams are not allowed to extend the practice of what they’re doing with life-changing amounts of money?

BDB, BoDog.com: As of right now, the only reason that didn’t happen is because the NFL is a regulated business and public teams cannot spend more than they have. Of course, what the league did was fine because there are certain things that have to be kept in mind. One of the main ones, of course, is player lifestyles, and the players have as much say in what happens to them as their teams and fans do.

Were you surprised that none of the LondonThink tank brethren showed up to work on the Pollard dilemma? Were you surprised that AP went back to Baltimore?

BDB, BoDog.com: curious as to whether the pollards were secretly piggybacking Maggette and Green’s seconds. It’s interesting to see how fans/fans react to the insider Manning story versus the secret back-to-back CoveripArt strategy. I’m still curious as to how Maggette and Green could have survived that 37-yard pass interference penalty (that let TO stand)? About all the off-season angle that thejet set up for us: how come Maggette and Green could’ve stayed healthy for the Chicago game, and won’t they be facing Sunday Morning offensively?

BoDog Bookmakers, BoDog.com: The jet set-up was brilliant in concept, but not in execution. Maggette is a Pro-Bowl level fullback/tight end when he’s healthy, which wasn’t close to enough against the tentative Chicago defense. Plus, you have to wonder how big a role his groin pull has had on his performance this year.

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