You have probably heard players complain that pokerstars is rigged or you may yourself have experienced a bad beat at pokerstars myself. But, what is the real reason behind the bad beats?

  1. Bad beats are probable.

Did you ever get busted multi-tabling with a bunch of dud hands? If you did, it could be due to the bad beats. Spot on, I may add. You could simply be getting bored and waiting for a good hand which may never come. Hence more skillful opponents will beat you.

  1. The less skilled players beat you because they are better individually.

In internet poker, different types of players will be present at the table. Loose aggressive players, loose passive players, competent loose players and more. Likewise, less skilled players may also be aware of your strategies which could be the reason behind your poor hands.

  1. Generally bad beats are possible

Whatever the reason is, you get beat by bad beats. No matter if it’s bad beats in poker or bad beats in general, these occur. There is no reason why you can’t be a victim of bad beats permanently.

  1. Changing tables with bad beats is no solution

If you are losing constantly, why would you keep on playing? You might be putting yourself at further risk by playing with a less experienced player.

  1. Knowing when to lay a hand down.

The defeat is still painful and you can still feel it within you even though you are on the winning streak. Although there may be some situations that you can still win despite these painful beats, there will still be a lot of tough times in the game. If you think you are capable enough to handle them, than probably you will be fine. But, if you do not, you can always sit out for a hour or two and let the beats pass you by.

  1. Buy-in for future events.

The moment you have sufficient funds to buy into an event, than you have successfully achieved something.

  1. Think about moving up the limits.

You can never go wrong in playing at higher limits. They have more fun and the rewards are bigger. However, if you plan to do so, you should first have enough funds to weather a bad beat.

Common NL Texas Holdem Mistakes #2

I agree with this one. Too many players have bad practice and bad habit of playing beyond their bankroll. When they lose, they try to cover it by playing at higher limits. As a result they soon bust out.

My advice for you is to set aside a definite bankroll, once you have built up a bankroll that you can easily afford to risk it. And when you have built up your bankroll enough, start playing at higher limits. It is actually faster and actually a lot more fun.

Now, I’m sure you are aware that it is important to have a Dewalive. So, without Funds to build a bankroll, you won’t be able to play poker online with any consistency or even win big. So I urge you to always get your hands on any money you can, and never be contented with anything less than your whole pile of it.

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