Querying complex event streams with WSO2 CEP 4.0.0

What are complex event streams?

Events such as flight arrivals, departures and passenger check-ins in a busy airport, credit card processing in a credit card company, usage statistics generated by smart equipment such as smart plugs, fitness trackers can generate a constant high volume, stream of events. Such streams, which contains a large number of event data are known as complex event streams.

What is complex event processing?

Simply put, processing multiple event streams to identifying meaningful patterns from complex event streams, analyze their impacts, and acts on them in real time is known as complex event processing. To perform that process, CEP incorporates  event visualization, event databases, event-driven middleware, and event processing languages (such as SiddhiQL, StreamSQL)

In the modern competitive business environment, complex event processing helps businesses to become a more agile and connected. Moreover, it also allows businesses to anticipate risks or flag opportunities in real time, thereby responding to urgent business situations with both speed and precision. Continue reading Querying complex event streams with WSO2 CEP 4.0.0